Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Private Commission for a wine festival.


cmedard said...

Wow this one's top cool !!! Too cutie *sigh*, plus super fine pose/compo, and I like the traditional outfit.

Supa nice !

ArtChild said...

Yeah the outfit was fun")

cmedard said...

I'm willing to bet your client is German or Austrian.. ^^ Or not far ?
Whatever, these traditional costumes on ladies particularly can be so cute. This lady of yours's just so cool...

ArtChild said...

From Holly-Dear shmarlicky,

Forgive me, I wanted to comment on your blog about this piece.. and the other beauties that you've done but for some reason I can't. The piece you did for the wine festival is gorgeous! The traditional clothing was done perfectly and her expression? Priceless.
I don't expect the Red Riding Hood piece to be here today or tomorrow but I truly can't wait to see it in person. You are beyond talented!

~ Holly B.

ArtChild said...

Client Comments-Hello. I received the art work yesterday. It is very noce. Thank you. It will be framed and hung in my wife's office. We will see how long it takes her boss to notice it.
Thanks again,